2PONS Clip-N-Go Marketing

Clip-N-Go Promotional Items

We are proud to introduce you to the newest in sales promotion and advertising for your business: 
2PONS, the reusable coupon.

All you need to do is decide which specials or promotions you want to offer and we will design a 50ml bottle you can give away to your customers or pass out in your community.

Your customers simply present the bottle to claim the discount.

Unlike traditional couponing and other promotional efforts, this simple 2-in-1 approach puts a valuable resource in your customers hands, day after day, reminding them of your commitment to their health and well-being, and acts as a special offer.

Now, you can get 100 bottles for the low price of $250.00, and monthly distribution programs can offer even more.

Contact us today to learn how to put 2pons to work for your business.


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Current Customers include:

Aurelio's Pizza - South Holland, IL

District of Art Barber Shop - Chesterton, IN

Aurelio's Pizza - Crete, IL

Aurelio's Pizza - Griffith, IN

Aurelio's Pizza - Cedar Lake, IN